About us

In the vibrant Barcelona's scene, ​​Anathema Ride Out was born in 2018 as a visionary avant-garde project, an expression of creativity and passion.
From its humble beginnings, the brand has evolved and flourished and after enriching training and experiences, founders Debora and Jadal have taken Anathema Ride Out to new challenges on a path of continuous growth that continues to evolve thanks to the dedication and determination to make of his vision a palpable reality.
A Universe of Inspiration: Futurism, Oriental Style and Electronic Music
At Anathema Ride Out, our garments carry with them the essence of a futuristic vision. We are inspired by oriental style, fusing tradition with modernity, and we explore the vibrations of electronic music that resonate in our creations.
Science Fiction, Post-apocalyptic and Japanese Anime Cinema:
Permanent Sources of Creativity

Science fiction, post-apocalyptic films and anime have always been inexhaustible sources of inspiration for Anathema Ride Out. We explore these imaginary worlds to bring to life garments that challenge conventions and tell unique stories.

Building on the Sustainable Avant-Garde

Each garment we create is a unique piece, not only in its avant-garde design but also in its manufacturing process. We use out-of-production, end-of-stock and certified fabrics, ensuring not only quality and style, but also a real commitment to sustainability. The quantities of the products are always limited to avoid generating overproduction and waste.

Limited Edition, Lasting Exclusivity

We are proud to present limited edition collections, adding a touch of exclusivity to each garment. At Anathema Ride Out, fashion is not a trend, it is a narrative that lasts over time.

Kilometer Zero: Strengthening the Local Economy

We work closely with local workshops and artisans, boosting the economy of our communities. Each garment we create is the result of the dedication and skill of local hands, bringing to your wardrobe the authenticity and quality that only local production can offer.

Unisex garments, Unique history

We believe in fashion that transcends labels, offering each person the freedom to express their authenticity through our timeless design.

Infinite Combinations, Layers of Creativity

At Anathema Ride Out, we don't just create clothing; we design possibilities. Most of our pieces are desogned to be combined with each other and worn in layeres, giving you the freedom to create your own unique style. We believe in the diversity of styles and the individuality of each client. With our pieces that complement and overlap, each person can find their own unique way to wear them. At Anathema Ride Out, fashion is a personalized experience that adapts to you.